Introducing the Target Daily News Team

Tired of the mainstream media trying to shove an agenda down your throat day in and day out? Exhausted by the lies by omission and the surface level details? Do you wish the American media would stop tap-dancing around the truth and give you real stories that matter? So do we; and that’s why we’ve decided to take matters into your own hands.

Target Daily News Has a Mission

We as Americans are faced with a myriad of important decisions, many of which impact our day-to-day lives. The media and our elected officials would love nothing more than to tell a story that steers you in the direction they want you to go, highlighting the details that make them look good and omitting the ones that may sway you from their chosen path.

Our mission is to make sure the reality of the life you live matches the headlines you’re presented with. We want to arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions, whether that’s with your wallet or in the voting booth.

Meet the Target Daily News Team

Everyone here at Target Daily News eats, sleeps, and breathes the headlines – from politics to current events, crime, and more. Even better? Everyone on the team has a different background, whether that means formal journalism training, political experience, teaching time, farming, or time spent in the trades or corporate world. The team comes together daily to collaborate in way that combines their perspectives into pieces you can relate to and trust.

Journalistic integrity is non-negotiable here. We believe in truth in reporting and work hard to present clear and direct facts. We won’t be swayed by anyone else with an agenda, either. You can trust what we report on is presented without bias. We do not tolerate a deviation from our editorial policy and do not welcome team members who can not adhere to our high standards for editorial professionalism.

Stay in Touch

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