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Embedded Reporters and American Life

Target Daily News staff writers are just like you — citizens from across the United States who care about their communities and hold deep concern about the direction of the soul of our nation. Because of their commitment to conservative values, they are able to report on the hometown angle: how news from Washington affects people like you and your family members.

Citizen Journalism Saves Conservative News

By ensuring our Target Daily News staff are committed to living conservative values in homes across America, we are able to provide a standpoint you can trust — news reported by people like you, for you. Our Daily Dispatch pieces and Hitting the Mark articles are designed to highlight federal, state, and even local news and legislation – especially if it threatens your way of life.

Our Staff Respects Hometown Heroes

Frontline workers like law enforcement officers, EMTs, and nurses deserve our respect — and that’s at the core of our reporting at Target Daily News. We stray from views that will denigrate or disparage our hardworking American heroes, including men and women in the armed forces.

The Target Daily News Editorial Policy

The experiences our team members have had doesn’t give them a free pass. The Target Daily News team is dedicated to freedom of the press through factual reporting. We demand the highest level of journalistic integrity and work hard to make sure our pieces are free of bias and editorialization.

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