Target Daily News Editorial Policy

Everyone here on the Target Daily News team respects the news and – most important – our readers. We insist our team adhere to a strict editorial policy, designed not to stifle or censor, but to ensure the news you get from us is well-rounded, fact-checked, and appropriately aligned.

Transparent Editorial Policies

Our editorial policy is simple, fair, and transparent. We have a zero tolerance policy for behavior that might jeopardize the trust of our readers. Our policy includes the following:

  1. Conservative Core Values are important to our conservative readers. Our content needs to align with those principles, including traditional family values, supporting our first and second amendment rights, and more.
  2. Accurate Research is critical. Our team has a collaborative process to ensure all information is thoroughly researched (with multiple sources), fact-checked, and accurately presented. We do our best to share all points of view.
  3. Conflicts of Interest are not tolerated. All of our team members must disclose any financial relationships, affiliations, or potential conflicts of interest that could in any way, shape, or form influence their ability to fairly report on a story.
  4. Journalistic Integrity is non-negotiable. Our writers must work ethically while at the same time protecting the privacy and anonymity of their trusted sources.
  5. Legal Compliance ensures we don’t cross any lines, even unintentionally. We avoid defaming stances, respect copyrights, and respect all laws related to publishing.

Corrections Policy

Our editorial policy is designed to protect our conservative principle while at the same time maintaining the highest journalistic standards possible. If you should happen to come across an error, please let us know. We will immediately take action, make the appropriate correction, and transparently disclose our mistake with the correction.

Contact Target Daily News

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time if you have a question about our editorial policy or want to point out a mistake. We also welcome your thoughts and ideas on any story. Simply send us an email or reply to a newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you.