Workers Strike Simultaneously at Detroit Big 3

( – The largest industrial labor strike in decades involving some 13,000 United Auto Workers members kicked off in Missouri, Michigan and Ohio on September 14th following the expiration of auto-worker contracts with manufacturers based out of Detroit.

Employees from factories known as the Detroit Big 3 joined in the fray of their local marches while UAW leadership threatened to expand the strike to other locations if negotiations between manufacturers and union bosses fail to yield results soon. Ford, General Motors and Stellantis (Chrysler) facilities were the first to experience employee walkouts.

The events have at least temporarily halted the production of Jeep Wranglers, Ford Broncos, Chevy Colorado pickups and a handful of other models. UAW leadership is demanding that their workers receive both higher compensation and better-structured job security.

Executives with the union are reportedly wanting hourly pay raises of at least 40%. They are said to have already rejected a manufacturer offer of a 20% hourly raise. The union is also demanding better healthcare options and a more favorable bonus system than currently exists.

On September 18th, union bosses reminded the various car manufacturers that their strike will expand in scope if “serious progress” isn’t made at the negotiation table by Friday, September 22nd at midday. Shawn Fain, the UAW President, said his organization is “not messing around.”

The union is engaging in what they have dubbed as “stand-up strikes.” Instead of every worker walking out of their factories nationwide all at once, the strikes are locally targeted. Rather than forcing the union to play all their cards at once, they have the option to steadily increase the overall effect of the walkouts.

Former President Donald Trump is seeking to capitalize on the unfolding events and is reported to be planning to skip the second Republican debate on September 27th and instead travel to Detroit, where he intends to deliver a primetime speech as the debates are being held.

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