Woman Sells Her Home to Go on a Cruise That Got Never Happened

(TargetDailyNews.com) – They say not to count your chickens before they hatch, but now one might add “Don’t count on your cruise until the ship actually comes in.”

After selling her house to pay for a three-year, globe-spanning cruise, Ohio’s Keri Witman is stuck without a home on land or at sea. The marketing executive, who heads the company Clever Lucy, planned the three-year voyage and sold her home to pay for it, but the cruise company says she’s out of luck because the ship—literally—has not come in.

Witman booked the trip because it would take her to 148 countries with 382 ports of call over three years, all while allowing her to keep running her company as she globe-trotted. The company she chose is Life at Sea Cruises. On November 17th, the company told Witman they canceled the cruise because they couldn’t find the necessary ship.

Life at Sea, apparently, planned to buy an ocean liner from the famous Carnival Cruise lines. But by November 1st, they learned that another company scooped it out from under them. Then it was time to give customers the bad news, and that news was particularly bad for Witman. She said she had worked for eight months to arrange her financial life, her schedule, and the sale of her house in order to realize her dream of sailing around the world.

“It was really disappointing to find out it wasn’t going to pan out,” Witman said.

Disappointing may be an understatement, as Witman no longer owns a home. She plunked down $38,500 on short-term apartment rental fees to get her through the period after the home sale and before the cruise. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do now.

The cruise would have provided anything one could ask for: Internet, food, medical care, plus a glamorous travel itinerary. But now, Life at Sea Cruises is offering refunds to angry passengers around the world.

Witman isn’t the only one left without a plan. Several other passengers on the now-canceled global tour say they have literally nowhere to go, and nowhere to live. One said, “I’m very angry and lost” after having planned out their next three years.

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