Woman Maimed after Boyfriend Allegedly Shoved Her onto Subway Tracks

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A woman has been left with both feet severed after her boyfriend shoved her onto the subway tracks in New York City in front of an oncoming train. The train crushed the woman’s feet, which were later amputated at Bellevue Hospital.

The woman’s boyfriend, 35-year-old Christian Valdez, has been charged with attempted murder and assault after he allegedly pushed her in front of the train after an argument that Saturday morning. The incident took place at the Fulton Street Subway station.

A witness who identified himself only as “William” said he heard the woman screaming, “I don’t deserve this!” just before she was struck by the oncoming number 3 train. Having had medic training in the Army, William continued to talk to the woman to keep her conscious until emergency personnel could arrive. He said she was conscious and “in pretty good spirits” but she was begging for help.

The woman ended up stuck between two train cars, which might have been her salvation. William said she was clutching a “piece of flesh,” and that the weight of the train car on top of her wounds may have saved her from dying of blood loss.

The alleged attacker, Christian Valdez, has a prior record of violence against women and children. New York police told ABC News that Valdez had spent time in prison for attacking a woman and her daughter with a knife. In 2017, Valdez went after Jenny Aquino and her daughter (then three years old) with a knife, wounding the girl in her arm and plunging the knife into Jenny’s stomach.

In addition, police say Valdez has four previous arrests for assault and was serving parole for a conviction for attempted assault when he launched his recent attack on his girlfriend.

Law enforcement presence in New York’s subways will be more robust than usual this spring. Following an attack on a train conductor in February among other assaults, 1,000 New York cops have been ordered to patrol the subways and check passenger bags at selected locations.

In addition, Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced she will be sending 750 National Guard troops and 250 more state and subway police officers to oversee the city’s sprawling underground train system.

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