White House Accused of Endangering Special Ops Forces

(TargetDailyNews.com) – An October 18th faux pas has the Biden administration taking flak from all sides. In addition to being shunned by a number of Arab heads-of-state during this recent trip to Israel, President Joe Biden will also have to contend with the fact that someone on his staff revealed the identities of a handful of America’s secret soldiers.

White House photo ops with members of the military are not at all a rarity. However, unredacted photo ops with individuals whom the media speculates might be Delta Force members are exceptionally rare – or at least, they should be. Following his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, our Commander-in-Chief briefly met and shook hands with a select group of American special operators.

Someone on the President’s staff captured the moment on camera and uploaded the moment to the White House Instagram account. That the operators in question were special operators is not in question. Their gear, long hair, and beards identified them as such.

Some have speculated that the men were a part of the most secret of secretive units, that of Delta Force. Were that the case, their ability to operate clandestinely in the future could be called into question. Delta is known to routinely operate in the disguise of civilian attire, often in urban environments.

Whatever their unit designation was, five unblurred special ops faces were briefly in full view for the world to see. Once this fact was pointed out to the President’s team, the post was quickly deleted. “As soon as” someone “brought” the mistake “to our attention,” it was “immediately” taken down, an administration spokesperson said.

After the post had been delisted, an analyst appeared to suggest that it was too little too late and that the damage had already been done. Sam Shoemate, the analyst in question, called it “a massive failure.” In the approximately one hour that the post was live, Shoemate noted that it had accumulated “hundreds of thousands” of views.

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