What China’s Woes Could Mean for the Rest of Us

(TargetDailyNews.com) – In the United States, things remain polarized at the national political level and tumultuous at the economic and cultural levels, domestically speaking, within the nation. Since the 46th President of the Union Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, things have been chaotic and volatile. Americans across the continental United States have grappled with record levels of inflation not seen in decades, millions of illegal migrants crossing the porous southern border with Mexico, and a cultural war in educational centers and public schools emerging in states across the country. Gas prices remain at an average in the mid-high three-dollar range in 2023, a far increase from the 2020 prices that President Donald Trump had managed to create before leaving office.

President Biden has often appeared feckless and incoherent in every level of political interaction, at the national and international levels. Foreign adversaries of America have taken note of this and acted in an emboldened fashion. Russia remains embroiled in a bloody war in Ukraine, and Putin remains defiant in the face of pressure from the democratic Western world. North Korea continues provocative military demonstrations in the Pacific region, showcasing new missile technologies on civilian vehicles in bombastic national parades and launching simulated nuclear strikes against neighboring South Korea. Iran continues to hurl threats towards Washington D.C. and American leadership, and China, above all, continues to aggressively assert claims that Taiwan is in fact Chinese territory and not an autonomous nation. Recently, the country flew 103 military planes towards the island in a clear military maneuver.

China has been experiencing its own escalating domestic turmoil, though they do everything they can to project an image of strength and prosperity. The housing bubble that was keeping the Chinese economy afloat is now at its bursting point, and the CCP is cracking down on the individual freedoms of its citizens in order to crush dissent. Many remember the events at Tiananmen Square as a grim reminder of the lengths the CCP will go to in order to maintain its hold on power.

As conditions worsen in China, we can expect the CCP to ramp up military, espionage, and economic operations abroad. In the United Kingdom, two individuals were recently arrested in Westminster (London) under the suspicion that they had been engaged as spies for China. This comes as no surprise, as China continues to win in a technological and espionage-style war against the West. In the United States, China has bought thousands of acres of farmland.

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