Warner Bros. Looks for New CNN Leadership

(TargetDailyNews.com) – The network that famously brought back a perverted anchor now has a new leader to helm their future business decisions. Mark Thompson, who ran the New York Times for nearly a decade, will assume the role of CEO at CNN on October 9th. His predecessor, Chris Licht, was forced out after a little more than a year on the job.

Thompson, a British national, also held the position of Director-General at the BBC for eight years before taking over the NYT. David Zaslov, the CEO of CNN’s parent company, said that no one in his industry has more experience or more respect. The Warner Bros. executive also referred to Thompson as a “true innovator.”

In a statement, CNN’s new chief said that viewers need “accurate” and “trustworthy” reporting. Thompson has been credited with bringing his previous employer back from the brink. While at the NYT, he oversaw what is reported to be a dramatic increase in the paper’s digital subscriptions. The paper’s digital revenue is said to have more than doubled during his tenure.

Chris Licht’s departure from the network follows the businessman’s well-known struggle to boost ratings at the channel. A Nielsen report for July showed that CNN pulled in less than half a million average daily viewers, far less than the numbers earned by their competitors.

Among viewers aged 25-54, the network pulled the lowest tally it had seen in 23 years, with only 86,000 people watching per day. The demographic in question is coveted by advertisers. In contrast, Fox News pulled in 135,000 viewers for the same age group. Overall, Fox was bringing in 1.2 million daily viewers and MSNBC was pulling 812,000.

CNN is expected to launch a new streaming service just days before Thompson’s arrival. CNN Max is said to feature exclusive, one-of-a-kind programming not available elsewhere. The company’s reintroduction of a streaming platform follows the recent failure of CNN+.

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