Vice President Harris Pleads for Ceasefire in Middle East

( – The Democratic party’s response to the war between Israel and Hamas has been uneven, as Democrats have traditionally supported Israel, but their politicians are facing growing calls from voters to press Israel into stopping the war that escalated with a Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023.

Now, Vice President Kamala Harris has come out strongly in support of a cease-fire. Speaking from Selma, Alabama on March 3rd, Harris said she wanted to see an immediate cease-fire. This is the Biden administration’s strongest statement on the matter so far. Harris said the cease-fire needs to be part of a hostage negotiation package between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas that controls Gaza.

Harris said the cease-fire needs to come immediately and last for six weeks, “given the immense scale of suffering in Gaza.” She cited reports of families eating grass and leaves and children dying from starvation and lack of water making the situation urgent.

In addition, she said, “too many innocent Palestinians have been killed,” noting a recent incident in which hundreds of hungry Gazans met their deaths amid gunfire when they rushed to a food drop brought in by a humanitarian convoy.

It is difficult to accurately assess how many Israelis and Gazans have been killed. The Palestinian Health Authority says that 30,000 Gazans have lost their lives so far. But it is unclear how many were Hamas fighters, and how many were women, children, or civilians. In addition, many observers do not trust the numbers reported by a ministry controlled by the terrorist group Hamas.

Harris said the reality on the ground is “inhumane” and that “our common humanity” should push the U.S. to act to stop the bloodshed. The Vice President wants Israel to set up more crossing points on their border to help Palestinian civilians escape the battle zones. She also wants Israel not to put what she sees as unnecessary restrictions on how and where humanitarian aid cargo can be delivered.

While Harris believes Israel needs to change how it’s carrying out the war, she had nothing kind to say about Hamas. The group has “no regard for innocent lives,” Harris said, including toward their own people. She also said the threat Hamas poses to Israel and its citizens must be neutralized.

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