Vice President Harris Confesses Fear of a Trump Victory in 2024

( – Vice President Kamala Harris joined the women of ABC’s “The View” to discuss the terrifying possibility of Donald Trump winning the 2024 election and becoming President again. Harris suggested that everyone should “be scared” and suggested she was “terrified” at the possibility of Trump winning. “God forbid,” co-host Joy Behar added, discussing the possibility of Trump returning to the office.

Behar asked Harris if she was afraid of Trump’s potential victory using emotional language designed to stimulate a fear response in viewers. Behar used the words “alarm,” “scared, and “terrified” in her question to Harris, citing statements from Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, and Jim Clyber that suggested the Biden campaign isn’t “breaking through the MAGA wall” and is too complacent.

Harris responded by saying she felt “scared as heck,” of the potential for Trump to return to the Oval Office. She further suggested that everyone should be fearful of that possibility. Behar asked Harris what she was doing “to stop the crazies.”

Harris explained that elections are run one of two ways: with no opposition or scared. She said fear was the appropriate response; however, she added that in the face of fear, “very powerful women” like the ladies of “The View,” don’t run. They fight back. Naturally, the audience applauded the seemingly scripted response.

Harris added that their administration will have to earn their re-election and make their case to the American people that they’ve achieved a lot of success. Harris didn’t mention how they plan to explain the wide open southern border and weak economic conditions that resulted from four years of her administration.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin asked the Vice President about polling that indicates only 31% of respondents approved of Biden’s job performance. His numbers have now surpassed Trump’s lowest score which was a dismal approval rating of 36%. Harris attempted to deflect from the data by suggesting that this election is going to be about “competence versus chaos,” without clearly suggesting that Biden represented the prior.

Harris seemed extremely confident during a Sunday interview with ABC on January 14th. She suggested that Biden will win “no matter” who the nominee is. “We’re winning,” she repeated twice. Harris added that they beat Trump before and they could do it again.

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