Ukraine Takes Out Two More Major Bridges

( – Ukrainian forces continued to put pressure on the Russian-controlled Crimean peninsula on August 7th, damaging two key bridges on the peninsula, using British-provided Storm Shadow missiles.

The Chonhar bridge, which links the Ukrainian mainland to Crimea, was damaged along with another small bridge across the Tonky Strait.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made attacking access points of the peninsula a military imperative, attempting to cut off access and supply lines from Crimea and mainland Russia. The news also comes as Ukrainian forces are making it increasingly harder for Russian troops to get on and off the peninsula.

Russian officials have since said that the bridges are closed for repairs in the wake of the Ukrainian attacks. Referring to Ukrainian military forces as “Kyiv terrorists” when speaking about the damage incurred by the Tonk Strait bridge, Kremlin-appointed acting regional governor Vladimir Saldo said a total of 12 missiles were fired at the bridges.

Nine were reportedly shot down by Russian air defense. One civilian was reportedly wounded while passing over the bridge at the time of the attack. Additionally, a gas pipeline that runs from Strelkovskoye field to Genicheck has been damaged, according to the acting governor. More than 20,000 residents in the area have been reportedly left without gas as a result of the disruption.

The recent attack marks the latest in what has been a series of Crimean bridge strikes by Ukrainian forces, who are attempting to cripple Russian military supply lines provided by the peninsula. Ukraine previously struck the Chonhar bridge in June, which provides a route for Russian military units to move in and out of Crimea, as well as other parts of Ukraine currently under Russian control.

More recently on July 17th, the Ukrainian military also attacked a Russian-built bridge extending from Crimea to the Russian mainland. The bridge linked the peninsula to the eastward to the southward portion of mainland Russia. The attack on the bridge was the second consecutive attack by Ukrainian forces ever since the start of Russia’s invasion of the country in 2022.

On Sunday, August 6th, the Russian military unleashed a massive barrage of missiles and drone strikes on the western portion of Ukraine, making good on its promise to retaliate after Ukraine attacked a Russian tanker.

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