Ukraine Celebrates Success after Damaging Crimea Bridge

( – Ukrainian officials are celebrating due to a military strike carried out against a bridge in Crimea, dubbing it a “huge success.”

Ukrainian Parliament member Oleksiy Goncharenko said that all officials involved in the strike should receive the “highest state awards” in a post to his Telegram channel.

The attack on the bridge marks the second time in a year that Ukrainian forces have attempted to sever Crimea’s connection with the Russian mainland, the bridge being the only path connecting it to Russia. The move is especially important since Crimea was originally part of Ukraine, before it was annexed by Russia in 2014 when President Vladimir Putin commenced an invasion of the region.

According to the New York Times, Russia’s antiterrorism committee concluded that the bridge had been struck by two maritime drones, both of which reportedly struck the bridge separately, in two explosions. The bridge, officially named the Kerch Strait bridge, functions as a key supply route for Russian forces. Disruptions in Russia’s only mainland connection with Crimea could cause major problems for Putin’s war effort in Ukraine.

Newsweek also reported on unverified videos and photos of the destruction being posted in Telegram channels. Anton Gerashchenko, Russia’s transport minister, said that the bridge had been attacked on Twitter. The Russian government has yet to confirm or acknowledge Ukrainian forces as the culprit.

Russia’s foreign minister, however, did publicly accuse Ukraine of being behind the attack, and also suggested that the U.S. and U.K. were also involved. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman for Russia’s Security Council and former president of Russia, called for the defeat of the leadership of what he called “terrorist formations.”

Goncharenko also said on his Telegram channel that the attack sends a message to other Western countries that Ukraine is “ready to take back” land previously conquered by Russian forces, and that the “best results” will come as soon as they have the “necessary equipment.” He said further that the attack also serves as an “answer” to those skeptical of Ukraine’s abilities during this war.

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