U.S. Troops May Prepare for Hostage Rescue

(TargetDailyNews.com) – U.S. Special Operators in Europe have been given notice that they could be activated for hostage rescue missions in Gaza after Hamas took an unknown number of Americans hostage. The Messenger cited two U.S. military authorities who spoke anonymously. They suggested that SEAL Team Six and Delta Force have been put on alert that they may be called upon to go in and rescue hostages.

For now, however, there’s no indication that they will be activated, only the potential should action be authorized by the President.

Hamas murdered 14 Americans and took potentially dozens more hostage in their early morning raids on southern Israel, according to official pronouncements by President Joe Biden.

Biden has sent hostage negotiation experts to aid the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in their attempts to recover the hostages safely. Officials told reporters that the U.S. intelligence community is working in concert with U.S. Central Command to help give the Israelis the best intelligence they can acquire.

Israeli estimates currently suggest Hamas took as many as 150 hostages, including American-Israeli dual citizens. At least 20 Americans are still missing, according to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters in Brussels on Tuesday, October 10th, that there are “people on the ground” already from the Department of Defense (DOD). He further said that they could deploy more resources to the region “rapidly” should they be required.

In response, Hamas has threatened to execute their hostages publicly. Videos of Hamas fighters abusing women and children in their custody have gone viral. Supporters of Hamas have replied with videos and pictures of IDF forces abusing Palestinian children.

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