U.S. Plans to Inundate Taiwan Strait with Drones if China Attacks

(TargetDailyNews.com) – The U.S. is publicly announcing plans to flood the Taiwan Strait with thousands of armed drones should communist China attempt to take Taiwan by force. The strategy is admittedly a delay tactic until more U.S. forces can arrive and potentially intervene.

Admiral Samuel Paparo commands the Indo-Pacific region and spoke with corporate press outlets during the International Institute for Strategic Studies Shangri-La Dialogue Summit in early June. He stated his desire to turn the area into “an unmanned hellscape” and suggested the addition of as-yet-revealed military hardware and technology. He added that he believed he could keep the Chinese busy for “a month” which would buy time to plan and execute a manned response.

Thousands of drones would occupy the surface, under the water, and in the air which could keep the Chinese busy for weeks, in theory. The drones would act as a first line of defense forcing the Chinese to risk their military personnel against unmanned systems.

The Department of Defense announced a program last year that would purchase tens of thousands of drones with the ultimate goal of having thousands of different unmanned systems able to deploy in response to varying circumstances around the world. The program is called Replicator and has already been allocated $1 billion from the budget for this fiscal year.

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks suggested that the purpose of the program was to cope with China’s numbers advantage by generating numbers “of our own.” She suggested the drones would be more adaptable, and difficult to counter using traditional means.

Military experts have suggested that the unmanned drone fleet would give the U.S. “an asymmetric advantage.” He added that the technology is unique and informed the label which they’re calling “hellscape.”

The timing of Paparo’s public announcement coincides with massive military drills around Taiwan by the Chinese military. The Chinese fleet effectively surrounded the tiny island of Taiwan and gave a show of force. Paparo called the operation “a rehearsal” for an invasion and suggested that they “took note” and learned from it and will use the information to counter any potential invasions in the future.

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