U.S. Lawyer Arrested After Shooting, Killing Protesters

(TargetDailyNews.com) – In the world of news reporting, the word “allegedly” is a legal term that precedes a description of a crime. It’s meant to prevent guilt from being automatically bestowed on someone who has not yet been convicted in court. Even in situations where most would assign guilt, outlets still employ the term liberally.

That being said, in spite of professional photographers appearing to capture the moment on both video and in photographs in real-time, a retired American lawyer living in Panama allegedly shot a pair of environmental protestors on November 7th. The activists were said to have been blocking a well-traveled highway in the Central American nation and their actions forced traffic to a complete standstill.

The alleged shootings were captured professionally because reporters were already on the scene to document the ongoing environmental protests. It is not clear how long commuters were forced to sit idly in their cars on the day of the events, but the cumulative effects of the protests have been said to cost the region around $80 million per day in lost business.

Just before the alleged incident unfolded, 77-year-old Kenneth Darlington had been sitting in his vehicle. According to a number of outlets, he got out of his car and approached the group of activists, who were reportedly protesting a series of regional mining contracts.

One outlet said that Darlington asked to speak to the demonstration’s leader. After he was directed to a female member of the group, he reportedly demanded to speak to a man. The events escalated, an argument ensued and shots were fired by someone.

In a photograph of the alleged altercation, the gray-haired retiree can be seen holding up a handgun with what appears to be a spent piece of brass flying out of it. He was taken into custody within a few moments. One victim died at the scene, and the second died shortly thereafter at a nearby hospital.

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