U.S. Forces Attacked, Biden Silent

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Not long after coming to power, former President Donald Trump ordered the U.S. Air Force to drop our nation’s largest conventional bomb on Taliban positions in Afghanistan. The weapon’s detonation was so large that it was said to resemble a small nuclear explosion.

Taliban forces weren’t particularly active at the time, and Trump’s decision was widely interpreted as a warning of what could come should they choose to begin engaging U.S. troops with him as their Commander-in-Chief. With Trump’s preventative bomb-dropping in hindsight, many are wondering how the ex-President would be responding to current attacks that are being launched against American forces stationed in the Middle East.

President Joe Biden has chosen to remain silent, despite the fact that he continues to order more and more troops and assets to the region. Since Hamas invaded its Israeli neighbor on October 7th, elements backed by Iran in both Syria and Iraq have been engaging U.S. forces.

In the two days preceding President Biden’s October 19th national address, American troops were attacked via drone and mortar fire at least 7 times. The United States still has around 2,500 soldiers stationed in Iraq and around 1,000 of the same posted in Syria. President Biden made no mention of their engagements during his televised speech.

The American head-of-state has similarly declined to comment on the U.S. Navy’s interdiction of at least four cruise missiles and 15 drones that were launched by Houthi separatists in Yemen. Though the weapons were shot down in what appeared to be an attack against Israel, many are of the opinion that the nine-hour bout of combat warranted at least a statement from the White House.

Biden’s apparent continued silence concerning the attacks comes as the State Department is reported to be readying a plan for the mass evacuations of American passport holders from the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of citizens are scattered throughout the region.

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