Twitter Issuing Subpoena for Elizabeth Warren

( – According to a court filing on Thursday, July 20, Twitter is planning to subpoena Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren in connection with the company’s ongoing battle over a consent order from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) relating to data breaches and privacy concerns.

The fight centers around Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last year and the thousands of subsequent layoffs for the sake of cutting costs. The sudden reduction in manpower cast doubts as to whether Twitter would be able to properly conform to the FTC consent order.

Warren also sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, July 17 requesting that Elon Musk and Tesla be investigated for the billionaire’s acquisition of the social media company.

Last week, Twitter requested a federal court in San Francisco that the consent order be scrapped, accusing the FTC of bias and overreach. Warren, along with several other Democratic senators, had urged the federal agency to investigate Twitter in the wake of Musk’s takeover and mass-layoffs. She also pressed the agency to consider enforcement action if deemed necessary.

Twitter is now seeking to subpoena Warren, requesting communications regarding Twitter or Elon Musk between her office and the FTC, as well as between her office and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Newsmax reached out to Warren’s office about the matter, but her office did not immediately reply to comment. The FTC refused to comment.

The news comes as Musk raised eyebrows with regulatory agencies after his controversial takeover of the behemoth social media platform, with SEC filings last year showing that he sold billions of dollars worth of Tesla stock right before he took full control of Twitter for the steep price of $44 billion.

Musk has also received backlash about other aspects of his management of Twitter, such as the launch of the controversial Twitter Blue program, which completely stripped the social media platform’s old method of verification. Now, users can purchase the blue check mark by paying an $8 monthly subscription.

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