Tucker Carlson Could Face Sanctions Over Putin Interview

(TargetDailyNews.com) – European politicians are so irked by Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin that they’re kicking around sanctioning him in comments to the press. The interview is hotly anticipated and the fact Carlson is the first Western journalist to interview him since the start of the war in Ukraine threatens to disrupt carefully constructed lies that justify the ongoing conflict and continued taxpayer funding.

Carlson announced his upcoming interview with a brief teaser posted on his website and X. In the video, Carlson says he’s interviewing Putin due to his desire to act as a journalist who informs the people so they can make their own judgments about events around the world.

Despite sitting down and having a recorded conversation with the Russian President not being against any laws, that won’t stop people who have been staunch supporters of Ukraine from attempting to intimidate or silence Carlson with threats of legal retribution. Former Belgian Prime Minister and current E.U. Parliamentarian Guy Verhofstadt has already suggested a “travel ban” for Carlson. He additionally suggested Carlson was “a mouthpiece” for Donald Trump while claiming Putin was “a war criminal.”

In Carlson’s teaser, he said that he intended to allow the Russian President to explain why he invaded and what his ultimate goals are with the war in Ukraine. It’s unlikely Carlson will receive any substantial penalties, but the mere fact that they’ve been suggested shows just how irate the establishment is that Putin will be able to explain himself to the English-speaking world in a neutral or friendly context.

Hillary Clinton suggested Carlson was “like a puppy dog” and highlighted how he had been fired repeatedly. Clinton claimed that Carlson “says things that are not true” and “parrots Vladimir Putin’s pack of lies.” She further suggested Carlson could emerge with a Russian media contract, betraying her ignorance that Carlson successfully started his own media company at TuckerCarlson.com last December; his content has been getting tens of millions of views per video.

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