Trump Urges Conservatives to Rejoice Over Bipartisan Border Security Bill’s Failure

( – Former President Trump celebrated the failure of the “bipartisan” border bill to gain Senate approval and move on to the House. The disastrous bill which is rumored to have been written by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was largely blamed on the unheard-of Sen. Lankford (R-OK) who was the official lead negotiator for Republicans on the deal.

The whopping $118 billion bill included massive foreign aid packages for Ukraine ($60B), Israel ($14.1B), Red Sea ($2B), and other countries including Japan and the Philippines. It also included $20 billion for the southern border, but critically legalized much illegal entry and attempted to expedite the process.

Trump called on Republicans to kill the bill and was happy to hear that it failed to emerge from the Senate.

Trump said that the bill had been “crushed” and applauded the work of conservatives in Congress, including mentioning House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) by name who gave public comments saying the bill would be “dead on arrival” if the Senate approved it.

Trump has used immigration as a political issue. Voters are very concerned about the flood of nearly 11 million illegals that have entered the country during the Biden administration and its effective “open-borders” policy. The administration claims that’s a mischaracterization and the border is “secure” despite daily incursions from noncitizens including many repeat offenders, gang members, and child-killing drunk drivers.

Biden mysteriously suggested he did not have enough authority to “shut down the border” and claimed he needed the legislation to do so. Trump pointed out that his administration did not require additional authorities to restrict the tide of illegal aliens entering the country.

Conservatives pointed to H.R. 2 which was passed by the House last year as a better example of border reform. That bill resumed construction of the wall along the southern border, granted extra authority to law enforcement regarding border detail, and prohibited the Department of Homeland Security from admitting any non-U.S. nationals who enter illegally. The full text can be read here.

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