Trump Undeterred by Threats of Jail Time for Gag Order Violations

( – After being repeatedly slapped with fines for expressing his politically protected speech to criticize the government in its attempt to weaponize the legal system, former President Donald Trump may actually be subjected to jail time for violating a gag order handed down by New York Judge Juan Merchan.

Merchan has been criticized for violating judicial practice and making financial donations to the Democratic party. His daughter was also well compensated for her fundraising on behalf of the Biden campaign in the 2020 election cycle and is still fundraising for Democrats using her father’s prosecution of Trump as agitprop.

A New York panel of two female judges and one female lawyer denied there was a conflict of interest in June 2023. Judges Margaret T. Walsh and Lilian Wan are registered Democrats or have run as such in prior elections. The attorney’s political affiliation was unclear.

The trial is largely considered a sham by judicial experts like law professor Jonathan Turley. Turley highlighted that District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case hinges on the testimony of “disbarred serial perjurer” Michael Cohen. Bragg’s prosecution also contended that Trump was trying to conceal a crime by arranging an NDA with Stormy Daniels, though what crime that was isn’t explained by the prosecution or court documents.

Trump has been gagged for talking about Cohen and his tendency to lie. He’s also been forbidden from talking about Merchan’s family members. Trump was similarly gagged by lifelong Democrat and Judge Arthur Engoron during the New York trial over the value of his real estate holdings and wasn’t timid with violating that order either.

Merchan has previously stated that he does not want to put Trump into jail for violating the gag order, but claimed he would do it “if necessary.” He slapped Trump with more fines on April 22 for suggesting that the jury was “mostly all Democrat.” Trump is forbidden from casting aspersions on the jury or court personnel. Trump held his peace in court but told reporters afterward that going to jail to defend his constitutional right to free speech was worth it.

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