Trump Threatens to Blacklist Donors to Nikki Haley’s Campaign

( – Former President Donald Trump is giving donors notice that they will be blacklisted from his campaign should they continue to support GOP primary challenger Nikki Haley’s continued efforts at disrupting the Republican primary.

In a post to Truth Social, Trump said that from here forward, anyone who contributes to Haley is “permanently barred from the MAGA camp.” He didn’t specifically outline if he was talking about big or small donors, or if he considered donating to a Haley PAC an offense.

MAGA stands for “Make American Great Again” and has been a slogan used by Trump since his first presidential bid in 2016, inspired by the campaign slogan used in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign.

Trump acknowledged that shifting campaign contributions following a primary where one contestant was successful over another is a common practice, but stated it wouldn’t work that way with him going forward.

Haley responded by sharing her donation link and encouraging people to continue to give her money. She’s behind Trump in every poll, including her home state of South Carolina and she’s not even on the ballot in Nevada due to her campaign’s failure to get the proper paperwork in on time.

The former President’s son, Eric Trump suggested Haley was in the primary to simply spoil the process and sabotage former President Trump in comments given to Newsmax. Eric Trump highlighted the failures of the Biden administration including wars on freedom of speech on Christianity. He suggested Americans want to bring back the American dream.

CNBC is reporting that Haley donor and billionaire Reid Hoffman has suspended funding her campaign any further after New Hampshire’s results were reported on Tuesday night.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and author Vivek Ramaswamy both dropped out of the race before the New Hampshire contest and endorsed Trump. Senator Tim Scott (R-GA) also dropped out and endorsed Trump.

Only Haley remains and she’s likely to continue to lose at every future primary she participates in, according to early polls.

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