Trump Tests His Luck Following E. Jean Carroll Ruling

( – Former President Donald Trump has yet again denied the allegations by writer E. Jean Carroll against him wherein she claimed Trump sexually assaulted her at some point in the 1990s. Trump’s denial has been weaponized against him in defamation proceedings by Carroll, whose lawyers are funded in part by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Hoffman is a vocal Democrat who has made his disapproval of Trump quite clear.

Trump’s team has pointed out that the contributions by Hoffman to the legal proceedings against his political enemy make the allegations even less credible than they already were. Trump’s team pointed out during the proceedings that Carroll couldn’t recall the year the alleged attack occurred. They also highlighted a lack of physical evidence. A dress that Carroll claimed she wore the day of the attack was manufactured after the time period she alleged the assault occurred and not admitted as evidence.

Statements by Carroll discussing her belief that “r*pe is sexy,” and the suggestion that Carroll conjured the allegations to increase the sales of a new book she released around the time she made them public, weren’t considered by the jury. They ultimately found Trump “civilly liable” for the alleged assault, but legal experts suggested the proceedings were largely political in nature.

The case would have been denied due to the statute of limitations being expired, but a law was changed in New York that allowed for suits like Carroll’s. Some observers have suggested that the law was changed specifically to facilitate Carroll’s claims against Trump.

Trump said that he posted the $91 million bond during his appearance in Georgia on March 8th while adding that the allegations were “totally made up.” Those comments were similar to comments Trump made in June 2019, including his denial of knowing who she was which were ultimately determined to be defamatory against Carroll.

New York state has single-handedly issued the most legal rulings against Trump. The two rulings in the Carroll case determined Trump was “liable” for defamation and sexual assault. A third fraud trial where there was no jury and the judge declared his intent to find Trump guilty before it began also resulted in Trump losing. Trump’s team will appeal all three cases.

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