Trump Takes a Stand on Abortion and Birth Control Restrictions

( – GOP front-runner Donald Trump posted on Truth Social that he would “never” impose restrictions on contraceptives or other forms of birth control shortly after reviewing information on the subject. An interview with the former president was released hours prior to the post wherein Trump suggested he was “looking at” policy proposals that included certain restrictions. Trump also intimated during an interview with a local Pittsburgh TV station that he had an announcement forthcoming on the subject.

Trump told audiences that he had an announcement coming with policy proposals that he believed everyone would “find interesting.” The quote came in response to a question from KDKA political analyst Jon Delano who asked about Trump’s thoughts on restricting access to preventative birth control.

There wasn’t an official date as to when that interview was recorded, but the Biden campaign used a video of the exchange to self-promote on Tuesday, May 21st. In the clip, Trump added that he thought everyone would like his proposal, adding that he believed it was “a smart decision.”

Trump highlighted Democrat claims he was in favor of restrictions in a post on Truth Social thereafter, calling the suggestion he favored restrictions “MISINFORMATION/DISINFORMATION” in all caps. He specifically stated that he doesn’t personally back a ban on any form of birth control, nor would the GOP.

Debates surrounding the early termination of pregnancies and women’s rights are one of several major issues being played up by both campaigns in the wake of the 2022 Supreme Court ruling which reversed Roe v. Wade, returning the question of whether and how a woman can terminate her pregnancy to the states. The Court is currently considering a case surrounding the popular abortion drug mifepristone and under what circumstances the drug can be acquired.

Biden campaign spokeswoman Sarafina Chitika put out a statement following Trump’s TV interview suggesting that Trump was an extremist when it came to opposing abortion and contraceptives. Chitika accused Trump of attempting to “rip away” access to birth control and other forms of contraceptives.

In reality, Trump is moderate on the issue of abortion, and his official policy pronouncements for contraception are clear. He previously announced that he would avoid seeking national bans on the practice of terminating pregnancies and said the issue is appropriately left to the states.

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