Trump Suggests Third Term at National Rifle Association Convention

( – If Donald Trump was trying to give the Democrats another reason to fear and fight him, he succeeded wildly with a double whammy. Taking the stage to address the National Rifle Association on May 18th, Trump riffed on the idea of a third term as president, combining the left’s loathing of firearms with the specter of yet another Trump presidency.

Mentioning Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only American president to serve three terms, Trump asked the crowd, “Are we going to be considered three-term?”. As expected some audience members gave him the response “three.”

It seems likely Trump was being deliberately provocative and facetious. Not only does the Constitution forbid a president from serving more than two terms (the 22nd Amendment was sparked by Roosevelt’s three terms), but it is next to impossible that Trump could mount a successful drive to amend the Constitution. In addition, he has remarked in the recent past that allowing more than two terms for the office is not a good idea.

In an April interview, Trump said he would not back an effort to allow presidents to serve more than two terms. He said he intended to win office in the fall of 2024 and “serve four years and do a great job.”

At least one liberal opinion writer for MSNBC is not so sure that Trump was joking, however. Steve Benen mentioned that Trump has made remarks about a third term for years, and the columnist believes he’s sounding more serious and less humorous this time around.

During his address to the NRA, Trump naturally bigged up the importance of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right of citizens to bear arms. He gave the crowd the red meat it wanted, poking at President Joe Biden, who has taken several steps to further restrict gun ownership and to make their sale more onerous and expensive. Trump said that if Biden wins office again, “they’re coming for your guns.” Calling him “crooked Joe Biden,” Trump said the president has a record going back four decades of “trying to rip firearms out of the hands” of peaceful citizens.

Trump also urged Republican and gun-rights-supporting citizens not to succumb to apathy, but to get out and vote in the fall. “Let’s be rebellious and vote this time, OK?”, he said to the crowd.

The NRA endorsed Trump the day of his speech.

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