Trump Rages after Gag Order Reinstated

( – If you find yourself confused by the number of trials, indictments, counts, fines, gag orders, and gag order reinstatements that former President Trump Donald Trump has been subjected to, you’re likely not alone.

Based on the fact that it certainly appears the ex-head-of-state surged in national polls following each of his indictments, one can be forgiven for wondering if he is intentionally trying to temporarily land himself behind bars for reasons of optics.

Whether that is or isn’t the case, an already-imposed and then-lifted gag order has now been reimposed by the federal judge in Trump’s election interference proceedings. Tanya Chutkan’s October 29th decision rejected arguments made by the ex-President’s legal team that her order would violate his First Amendment protections.

At the apparent behest of Special Counsel Jack Smith, Chutkan first imposed a gag on the former President on October 17th. The back-and-forth nature of America’s legal system allowed Trump’s attorneys to appeal her decision, and a stay was granted as they appealed it to a higher court.

Most would likely assume that Chutkan’s decision to reverse course was based on Trump’s repeated and continuing verbal attacks on social media against any number of individuals involved in his chorus of cases. Trump was initially ordered to refrain from making what the court deemed to be disparaging remarks about government attorneys, potential or on-the-docket witnesses, and court staff.

In her late Sunday reimposition decision, Chutkan referenced Trump’s recent attacks on Mark Meadows, his ex-chief of staff. The ex-President was likely upset with reports that indicated Jack Smith had chosen to grant Meadows immunity in exchange for testimony Trump would consider damaging to his case.

About an hour and a half after Chutkan’s decision was posted, the ex-Commander-in-Chief took to social media once again and lambasted Bill Barr, his former Attorney General. Like Meadows, Barr is expected to be called as a witness in the ongoing election case.

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