Trump Praises Tuberville for Holds

( – Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville’s proposal for a separate vote on each promotion was finally heard and acted upon by the Senate, which is now controlled by the Democrats. Former President Donald Trump applauded Sen. Tommy Tuberville for his military stands.

Reports show Gen. Charles “C.Q.” Brown was confirmed by the Senate to succeed Gen. Mark Milley as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Senate also approved Gens. Eric Smith and Randy George as the new commandant of the Marine Corps and chief of staff of the Army, respectively.

On Truth Social, Trump called it a big win for Tuberville. In contrast with McConnell and his team of loyal Democrats, “Tommy T” will stand up to the radical leftist fascists and thugs ravaging the country.

Due to his opposition to the Pentagon’s policy of utilizing public money to fund travel fees for service members’ abortions, Tuberville has vetoed over 300 senior military advancements and nominations. Tuberville said that the Senate would have to spend most of its time voting on each nomination and promotion individually, even though such actions are often taken by unanimous assent or a voice vote.

Reports show that until last week, Schumer had steadfastly resisted, fearing he would be setting a dangerous precedent if a single senator blocked action usually taken by a majority. To vote on each separately would require seven hundred hours of floor time.

Tuberville told the media it was a huge victory for the legislative branch, where they got to vote on things instead of just having them ratified or memoed from the executive or military branches. Tuberville has confirmed once again that his holds will stay in place, opening the door to further individual confirmations.

According to reports, the Pentagon’s policy on abortion gives time off and reimburses travel costs for military personnel who need to have one. According to Pentagon statistics, very few military personnel use the benefit. However, Pentagon officials insist the approach is essential for hiring new soldiers.

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