Trump Opponents Fail Once Again

( – Trump’s enemies have failed to get him removed from the primary ballot in Massachusetts in the latest episode of the political establishment attempting to meddle with the 2024 election. Trump will remain on the ballot in the state due to the finding.

The Massachusetts State Ballot Law Commission dismissed a challenge to remove Trump’s name off the ballot, citing a lack of jurisdiction over the question according to Boston 25 News.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Amy Carnevale hailed the dismissal suggesting the move was an “ill-conceived” attack on the democratic process. Carnevale suggested that the issue should be presented to the voters and applauded the outcome in comments posted to X (formerly Twitter).

Challenges to Trump’s name appearing on the ballot have cropped up in a dozen states around the nation with plaintiffs suggesting Trump “did an insurrection” on January 6th, 2021. The challenges cite the 14th Amendment which prohibits insurrectionists from holding office in government. The measure was passed in the aftermath of the Civil War and has never been used to prohibit a popular political candidate from running for office.

The Colorado Supreme Court is the only judicial body to have accepted arguments that claim Trump should be barred; however, they seemingly caveated their own ruling pending outcomes from the United States Supreme Court. SCOTUS is set to hear oral arguments on the matter on February 8th, and their ruling will set a firm legal precedent for years to come.

Maine’s Secretary of State, citing the Colorado ruling, has also declared that Trump’s name will be barred from the ballot in her state. The challenge to the Colorado ruling will also determine the outcome in Maine, and a dozen other states where challenges to Trump’s candidacy are still ongoing.

Trump’s argument before SCOTUS will hinge on several points: the president isn’t subject to the clause, Trump never participated in an insurrection, Trump can’t be denied from running under Section 3, and the Colorado Supreme Court violated elections laws.

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