Trump Name Drops Potential Running Mates

( – Trump has name-dropped two potential picks he’s considering for his running mate. In comments given to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” Trump suggested that out of the “many great people” in the GOP, he’s not yet made a firm decision on who he wants for his running mate.

He specifically highlighted South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) as individuals who stood out within the GOP. Both Noem and Scott have readily endorsed another Trump presidency, according to Axios.

He said that he discussed the possibility with Scott, highlighting how he’d make a better candidate on a Trump ticket than individually. He said he was paying close attention to Scott after his endorsement, which Trump characterized as “a beautiful endorsement.” He also said he didn’t want anyone to make inferences from that statement, but he further qualified Scott’s endorsement as “incredible.”

Trump highlighted how Kristi Noem previously stated she wouldn’t run against Trump because she knew she had no chance of beating him. Trump suggested the sentiments were “very nice.”

Noem has previously said that she and Trump engage in regular conversations but they had not discussed the possibility of her as his running mate, in comments given to “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Trump seemingly contradicted earlier sentiments wherein he suggested to the media that he knew “who it’s going to be.”

Candidates typically do not announce their picks for Vice President until the conventions in the summer. CBS News is reporting that Trump’s advisors have told him to withhold the announcement to build suspense and maintain good relationships with people competing for the job.

Some other names floating around as possible picks for the VP slot include New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. She’s been a huge Trump ally in Congress and was one of the first to endorse his third presidential bid. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is also on the shortlist. Burgum ran himself briefly but dropped out and endorsed Trump the night before the Iowa caucuses. Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is another potential Trump ally. She subtly dismissed the idea, however, in comments given to “Face The Nation,” she suggested she was comfortable in her role as governor and would happily continue in that role.

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