Trump Judge Under Fire after Smiling for Cameras

( – In a moment that has reminded many of Peter Strzok’s well-known smirk during his testimony before legislators in 2018, Judge Arthur Engoron was seen appearing to pose for cameras on October 2nd as former President Donald Trump’s latest trial related to civil fraud charges began in New York City.

Many would likely argue that the “appearing to smile” reference is lenient. In point of fact, Engoron clearly noticed that he was being filmed by someone near his bench. As the cameraman approached the judge, Engoron raised his head in acknowledgment of their presence, took his glasses off, and smiled widely for several seconds.

The moment then concluded with the judge shrugging his shoulders and smirking before the camera operator walked away. Before long, social media was engulfed with memes and videos of the incident. While some would say that Engoron’s motive for smiling is debatable, his move outraged conservatives nonetheless.

Greg Price, the communications director for the State Freedom Caucus Network, took to Twitter and said the judge was “smiling and laughing” in a manner similar to what one would find in the “third world” or a “banana republic.” Stephen Miller, who is still working for the former President, responded to Price and said that “democracy” is “disappearing right” in front of us.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, called the proceedings “a show trial.” Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde said the Democrat’s “kangaroo court is” now “in session.” Benny Johnson called the moment “disgusting” in his post of the viral moment. Many commented on Johnson’s video and opined that Engoron’s bias was clearly evident.

Following his hearing, Trump referred to the judge as an “operative” and a “Democrat.” The former President said the proceedings were part of “a rigged court” system and that Engoron “should be disbarred.” He also suggested that many of his supporters felt the judge should face criminal charges for his complicity in the events.

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