Trump Judge Throws a Wrench in Trump’s Campaign Plans

( – Donald Trump will be unable to attend his son’s graduation or oral arguments before the Supreme Court regarding his presidential immunity claims if the judge in Alvin Bragg’s New York case has his way. Accused Democrat ally Judge Juan Merchan wouldn’t say if he would allow Trump to go to his son Barron’s graduation ceremony in May.

He suggested Trump would also be barred from attending oral arguments in D.C. on April 25th where the SCOTUS will hear arguments regarding whether or not he was immune from prosecution by Jack Smith and Biden’s DOJ over alleged January 6th crimes due to being president at the time.

Trump’s team inquired three times of Merchan if he would allow Trump to leave the court. Merchan said no or gave an indefinite answer each time, suggesting he wanted to limit Trump’s ability to campaign for the duration of the trial. Trump has largely decried the proceedings as “a sham trial” after outlining the multiple law enforcement bodies that declined to prosecute him based on the same allegations. Those include the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and both Biden and Obama’s DOJ.

Bragg had to stretch the allegations into felonies to avoid the statute of limitations in the case. By doing so, he claimed the alleged payments to Stormy Daniels for a non-disclosure agreement violated campaign finance laws. The FEC declined to prosecute.

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz suggested that compelling Trump to be present at his trial is based on an unconstitutional New York law that gives the prosecution unilateral authority to decide if the defendant must be present at all times or not.

Trump is making the most of his time in NYC with an appearance at a bodega on April 16th where he met with the new owners of a bodega where a worker was cleared of murder charges after he killed a criminal who attacked him during a robbery in Harlem last year. Said man left NYC to move to the Dominican Republic. Trump took the opportunity to comment on the crime wave happening in NYC.

The gathered crowd outside the venue could be heard chanting, “We love Trump!”

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