Trump Jr.’s Testimony Could Come Back to Bite Him

( – Donald Trump Jr. may have landed himself in hot water, according to a November 2nd report from Newsweek. Former President Donald Trump’s oldest child, who is named alongside his father as a defendant in the Trump Organization’s civil proceedings in New York, opted not to plead the Fifth and instead chose to answer questions under oath.

Elie Honig, a one-time federal prosecutor, told the outlet that Trump Jr.’s November 2nd testimony could come back to haunt him. While on the stand, the Trump Organization’s executive vice president reportedly told prosecutors that he was largely unfamiliar with the business’s accounting methods.

Honig appeared to suggest that Donald Jr.’s apparent assertions of ignorance were not an excuse for failing to follow legal standards. CPAs are employed by businesses so their executives have the ability to digest a company’s finances, he said.

Honig noted what he said was a “really crucial” observation about Trump Jr.’s testimony and pointed out that he had not argued that the “valuations” proffered by his father’s company “were legitimate.” According to Honig, he instead attempted to put “distance” between himself and “the actual valuations” by suggesting that he was clueless about their genesis.

From the beginning of the case, prosecutors have argued that the Trump Organization knowingly and fraudulently inflated the value of any number of company assets and properties as a means of yielding loan terms from banks that were more favorable than they otherwise would have been. The former Commander-in-Chief himself was called as a witness on November 6th. In his testimony, he repeatedly insisted that his net worth was exactly as he had claimed and that the trial was an attempt to meddle in his 2024 campaign. Like his son, he claimed ignorance about financial details.

Donald Jr.’s younger brother, Eric Trump, has already testified and his sister, Ivanka, is due in court as a witness on November 8th. The ex-President’s daughter was initially listed as a defendant in the case, but her legal team successfully argued against her inclusion.

The former President is facing four separate criminal cases and a combined 91 total felony charges.

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