Trump Campaign Ramps Up Attacks Against Rising Nikki Haley

( – NBC News is claiming that Trump’s allies have said his campaign has switched its focus from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Nikki Haley as its primary target for attack ads in the last week before the Iowa primary on January 15th.

Haley, previously the governor of South Carolina and a UN ambassador, has come to eclipse DeSantis in polls of primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, challenging him for the coveted position of second place. In one example, an NBC News poll found that support for Haley among Republicans jumped from 7% to 13% between September and November 2023.

Trump’s primary competition is well aware that should Trump be effectively removed from the contest by Democrat shenanigans, they would inherit the party’s presidential nomination.

Claiming to have insider knowledge from “a half-dozen” Trump insiders, NBC argued that Haley’s recent advances led to her being targeted by the Trump campaign.

Trump Political Action Committees (PACs) have already begun preparing attack ads to be aired in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s primary, which follows Iowa.

Haley considers the attack ads an honor, suggesting that the Trump campaign perceiving her as a threat is a good sign. In comments posted on X (Twitter), Haley said that Trump originally denied that she was performing well in New Hampshire. The post highlighted that a Trump-affiliated PAC was running an attack ad that suggested Trump was “getting nervous.”

A CBS-generated rumor about the Trump campaign potentially considering Haley for the VP slot was denied by both Trump and Haley’s people. Donald Trump Jr. said that he would go to great lengths to ensure Haley was not on the ticket, calling her a puppet for the billionaire class and D.C. establishment. Haley herself has said that she has never considered the idea and wouldn’t begin to consider it now.

Trump has previously chided Haley with one of his famous nicknames, in her case, “Birdbrain Nikki Haley.”

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