Trump Blames Biden for Ukraine and Israel

( – Former and potentially future President Donald Trump, currently leading major 2024 election polls, blasted President Joe Biden during a campaign rally in New Hampshire on December 16th for disastrous levels of inflation and the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, both of which he said “wouldn’t have happened” if he was in office.

Trump quoted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who pointed out there was relative peace under Trump’s presidency, suggesting that had Trump won 2020, the world would be in “a very different place.” Trump echoed additional sentiments by Orban wherein the latter said there wouldn’t have been a Russian invasion in Ukraine had Trump been in office. Trump added that the October 7th attack on Israel and inflation would have been avoided if he was the President.

Trump also slammed Biden for putting “America last” in advance of global concerns. Trump said Biden prioritized China, Ukraine, illegal aliens, and environmental nuts before the average American citizen enters the picture. He criticized Biden’s regard for our farmers and factory workers and the state of New Hampshire, all of which Trump said Biden didn’t value.

Trump also blamed Biden for mishandling the conflict in Israel. The criticism comes as Biden deployed Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. CQ Brown and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Tel Aviv to consult with Israeli leaders on keeping their war from spreading. Unidentified militants alleged to be working with Iran launched drone attacks against ships in the Red Sea. They threatened ongoing strikes as long as Israel continues to bomb Gaza.

An American warship destroyed 14 suicide drones flying out of Yemen, according to U.S. Central Command. Britain reported the destruction of another drone they said was targeting commercial vessels in the area.

Trump said that Biden lifted sanctions on Iran which allowed it to grow flush with cash to spend on militants. He also warned that China has been eyeballing Taiwan, and that could be the next major conflict.

Trump’s speech in New Hampshire is part of his campaign’s efforts to boost his presence in early-voting states. Trump’s lead in the primary only continues to grow over time with a December Trafalgar poll showing him with 54% of Republican voters supporting him.

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