Trump, Biden Secure Party Nomination Wins

( – Former President Donald Trump clinched the necessary number of delegates to acquire the GOP nomination after winning multiple state primaries on the evening of March 12th. The race was called for Trump just after 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time when Georgia called its primary for Trump, giving him 1,223 delegates, enough to secure the nomination.

Biden also secured his nomination as the Democratic candidate Tuesday night, surprising no one. Biden was largely uncontested in the primary after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. switched out to run as an independent. RFK Jr. criticized party politics for refusing to allow an open contest between the men in good faith and decided that an independent bid was a better option.

The primaries effectively concluded the primary season though states will continue to vote to send delegates to represent their preferred candidates at each party’s national convention this summer. Republican contender Nikki Haley dropped out on Wednesday, March 6 after losing Super Tuesday to Trump in a landslide. She was Trump’s only remaining competition and many Republicans suggested she should have dropped out sooner.

Biden’s victory securing his party’s nomination is actually bad news for most Democrats, as very few actually support him. Biden’s approval rating has been hovering around 37 percent with as many as 56 percent disapproving of his performance in office. Nearly 67 percent suggest America is “on the wrong track.”

A campaign to vote “uncommitted” in multiple state Democratic primaries revealed a startling trend: anywhere from 10-30 percent of primary voters refused to give Biden their automatic approval. Most of the uncommitted votes were in response to campaigns protesting the Israel-Hamas war. Protesters believe Biden isn’t doing all he can to engender a cease-fire and bring the war to an end as fast as possible. They expressed those sentiments by voting uncommitted.

Current polling is showing Biden ebbing out ahead of Trump, though the differences are within the margins of error which suggests overall voter support for the men is too close to call. Trump had previously dominated Biden in multiple polls.

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