Trump Backs Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

( – Former President Donald Trump, whose own name has been floated by others as a possible successor to Kevin McCarthy, took to his Truth Social platform on October 5th and gave his nod of approval to a future Jim Jordan speakership. The Ohio Republican and critic of the Biden White House chairs the House Judiciary Committee and is a longtime supporter of the ex-Commander-in-Chief.

In his post of endorsement, Trump referenced Jordan’s conservative positions on the border, nationwide crime, the military, and the Second Amendment and said the Rep. “will be a” fantastic “Speaker of the House.” The ex-President said his support of the Ohio legislator was “total” and “complete.”

He will now have to battle at least one other member of his party for Kevin McCarthy’s former position. Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise threw his hat in the ring only a day before Trump’s endorsement of Jordan. Thus far, Jordan and Scalise are the only Reps pursuing the House’s top leadership spot, the winner of which will be behind only the Vice President in terms of succession to the Presidency.

Trump’s endorsement of Jordan followed three days of silence as to who he thought should replace former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted in an effort led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on October 2. Students of history would likely take note of the fact that Jordan was notably vocal in his support of the former President during the impeachment inquiries he was subjected to while at the helm of the White House.

Earlier in 2023, Jordan further gave his own endorsement to the former leader of the free world after Trump announced his second bid for the Presidency. The Ohio Rep. offered up his advocacy despite the looming legal indictments that were on the horizon for the ex-President. At the time, Jordan said he was giving Trump his “100 percent” backing.

Neither Jordan nor Scalise voted for McCarthy’s removal.

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