Trump Avoids Asset Seizures, Posts $175M Bond

( -Former President Donald Trump posted the $175 million bond in his New York real estate fraud case on Monday, April 1st. The bond effectively secured Trump’s appeal will be heard in the NY Appellate court and prevented the seizure of any of his properties or other assets by the state.

Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron found Trump guilty of inflating the value of his properties to secure favorable loan terms in hotly contested proceedings. Engoron gagged Trump for pointing out that Engoron himself as well as his court staffers have given money to the Democrats in the past, highlighting their biases. He also suggested Trump was “guilty” last year in advance of any trial or evidence being presented.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley pointed out that the legal requirements for fraud are deception, damages, and the ability to demonstrate that the damages were a direct result of the deception. He said that all three are absent in this case and drew attention to witnesses for Trump’s defense from Deutsche Bank who argued they agreed with Trump’s financials and would love to do business with him again in the future.

Despite that, Judge Engoron sided with AG Letitia James in the judge-only trial handing James a huge victory. The pair originally slapped Trump with an exorbitant fine approaching half a billion dollars. On March 25th, the morning Trump’s fines were due, the NY Appellate court stepped in and ruled that Trump could post a much smaller amount of $175 million in compromise.

The move abrogated attempts by AG Letitia James to seize Trump’s properties. She had previously given public comments suggesting she was eager to take Trump’s assets away from him.

Trump has maintained that this case, like the others against him, are political witch hunt designed to drain his finances and occupy his time. Every dollar Trump spends defending himself is a dollar he can’t spend on advertising. Each day he spends in court is one day he’s not out on the campaign trail.

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