Trans Powerlifter Unofficially Breaks Record in Female Competition

( – Fury continues to grow following another record-setting victory by a man competing in a women’s sporting event in Canada. 40-year-old Anne Andres, who claims to be a transgender woman, destroyed his challengers at a recent national female powerlifting competition and easily set a new national record.

Prior to the contest, Andres predicted he would win “by a good margin,” but that the victory would only be a result of his “training ethic.” He then acknowledged that his critics would “misattribute” his success to the fact that he is a man, which he referred to as his “history 20 years ago.”

April Hutchinson, who is a fellow Canadian powerlifter and naturally-born female, told FOX that Andres’ win is “completely unfair” and that no one in her industry views it as legitimate. The lifter said she and others have officially complained to the federation that oversees Canadian powerlifting, but that board members have told them that their hands are tied for political reasons.

Hutchinson said they fear that being exclusionary to transgender competitors would lead to lawsuits. Currently, one needs only to identify as female to compete alongside other women.

The lifter said Andres beat out the other participants by a combined total of more than 450 pounds and destroyed ten years’ worth of training that some of the women had put into their careers. She said Andres’ new record is unattainable for any biological woman and that many of her competitors are now choosing to drop out of competitions altogether.

Hutchinson has now joined a chorus of women who are protesting and insistent that subpar male athletes are commandeering women’s sports. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova recently said on Twitter that women’s tennis should not include “failed male athletes” of any age.

Citing Andres’ record-setting day, competitive swimmer Riley Gaines called out the Canadian Prime Minister and said that the leader’s position on transgenderism in sports shows a “radical disdain” for females.

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