Top RNC Official Begs Rep. Greene to Stop Johnson Ouster

( – A Republican National Committee bigwig recently appointed to the position by former President Donald Trump is urging Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to cancel her plans to attempt an ouster of Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) over his repeated willingness to collaborate with Democrats on issues like funding foreign wars or passing inflated budgets.

Greene accused Johnson of being the architect of a “slimy backroom deal” whereby he gave them unknown collateral in exchange for protection should a vote to oust him actually come to the floor.

She had a face-to-face meeting with RNC chair Michael Whatley shortly after making those comments on April 30th wherein he urged her to prioritize party unity and avoiding petty squabbles that could give the Democrats ammunition during an election year. Whatley allegedly told Greene that the move to oust Johnson wouldn’t achieve her goals and it would harm the party’s overall ability to gain seats in Congress in November.

Greene pushed back, according to the anonymous source, suggesting that the party had ample time to adapt to new leadership after Johnson replaced former Speaker Kevin McCarthy last fall. She also told Whatley she spoke with Trump who seemingly relayed similar sentiments.

Greene may actually find herself in a lose-lose situation. If she backs down, she’ll appear cowed by political pressure, but if she keeps pushing it will alienate her from her fellow Republicans. Greene claimed she would call for the vote the week of May 5th, saying that Johnson had become unrecognizable as Speaker.

Much of the party is aligned toward winning the elections in November as dramatically as possible and views Greene’s antics as self-aggrandizing.

The Republican caucus recently passed a bill redefining antisemitism to include criticism of Israel or Israeli state policy. The bill is largely in response to nationwide protests on college campuses in opposition to the ongoing war in Gaza which have been criticized for expressing antisemitic sentiments. The issue is considered a priority by many Republicans over internal disagreements.

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