Top Official Admits the Truth about Russian Space Threat

( – Rumors of a Russian space nuke are causing chaos on Capitol Hill with one congressman suggesting that the Biden administration is “sleepwalking” into dangerous territory. House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner (R-OH) suggested the administration isn’t doing enough to abrogate the threat in comments given to NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, February 17th.

Rumors emerged during the Munich conference last week regarding the potential for the Russian Federation to deploy a nuclear weapon into orbit; the resulting explosion would not only devastate communications satellites and disrupt all kinds of coordination on the ground, but would also litter the sky with dangerous falling debris, and potentially destroy infrastructure on the ground via an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

A New York Times piece highlighted the dangers. The word from “spy agencies” suggests the Russians launched a series of military satellites in early 2022, around the same time that they launched the invasion of Ukraine. Now the experts at global deception and espionage are suggesting that Russian space nukes threaten everyone.

The claims are conveniently timed as support for the Ukrainian war is dragging despite the establishment’s attempts to continue to prop up the West’s new favorite proxy. Officials simultaneously suggested that the potential for such a weapon was incredible while also tamping down the threat, saying it’s unlikely Putin would use such a device. Instead, they believe, it would be used as a constant threat and reminder, much like nuclear weapons on the ground.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken pointed out during the Munich conference that any device in space would mess with everyone’s satellites, including Beijing and New Delhi’s. Cell phones, electricity regulation, and navigation for airplanes and commercial shipping vessels could all suddenly fail without a single life being taken in the process. Regardless, the aftermath would be devastating.

Turner argued that the administration was “sleepwalking” and said he was concerned they were handling this crisis with the same gusto they applied to the Chinese spy balloon fiasco last year. That balloon was allowed to float across the U.S. before being shot down over the ocean off the eastern seaboard.

National Security advisor Jake Sullivan attempted to mitigate Turner’s concerns by suggesting the administration was on top of the issue and highlighting an upcoming meeting to discuss it with the bipartisan Gang of Eight.

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