Thieves Target Almost a Dozen Businesses in One Night

( – A rash of at least 10 business burglaries in Chicago has police tied up looking for the suspects.

It is uncertain whether all the burglaries that night were connected. Still, they were similar crimes at businesses that were closed overnight and took place in chronological order throughout the night.

The string of thefts took place in the wee hours of Friday morning, May 17th, starting at about midnight with a break-in at a South Side restaurant. Chicago police say they responded to a burglar alarm at the restaurant on South Western Avenue. On arriving, they discovered the glass entry door was broken and the cash register was missing.

By 1:45 a.m. police were responding to another restaurant burglar alarm, this time on South Ashland Avenue in the neighborhood known as “Back of the Yards.” Once again, the front door, made of glass, was broken, and police suspect cash was taken from the register.

Just a few minutes later came the next burglar alarm at yet another eatery, this one on South Halsted Street. And yet again, the glass front door was broken and cash was missing, according to responding cops. And again, a few minutes after the Halsted Street incident, police were on their way to the Tai Pei Cafe, whose security system reported a break-in. Like the other thefts, this one included a busted glass door and money missing from the cash register.

Tai Pei owner Vicky Mei sounded weary in describing the theft. She said burglars “just keep coming” despite the staff just trying to make a living and keep the restaurant running smoothly every day.

Multiple additional burglaries took place throughout the night/early morning around the city, most with the same M.O. of broken glass doors or windows and cash stolen from the registers. In cases where it was unclear yet if money was missing, police did notice the registers appeared to have been tampered with.

A sushi bar owner said his surveillance camera caught four suspects breaking in, though police have not yet identified who they may be. The owner, speaking anonymously, said the restaurant used to suffer a break-in a few times each decade, but this is the second so far in 2024.

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