Thieves Reportedly Steal Hundreds of Gallons of Cooking Oil From Chick-fil-A

( – Cooking oil, like copper, can be stolen and sold on the secondary market for very inviting prices, and it’s hard to trace. The refinable fluid is turned into fuel and has no serial number. Unless you catch a thief in the act of taking it, you’re out of luck.

That’s the scenario playing out at a Georgia Chick-fil-A right now and the franchised location may find that it’s cheaper to hire private security than it is to continue dealing with the theft of their nationally famous peanut oil.

According to a report from October 16th, one of the company’s restaurants in Athens has been hit over and over, losing hundreds of gallons to what is believed to be a pair of thieves. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700+ gallons have been taken in a series of in-and-out heists.

Instead of breaking a window or tunneling through the walls, the criminals in question are said to be busting the store’s padlock-protected back gate open and siphoning the high-value liquid straight from a grease trap. Over an approximately two-month period, thieves have made away with about $2,000 worth of oil.

According to police, the latest heist took place in the wee hours of October 5th. The highly sought-after liquid was waiting to be recycled and was reportedly behind the location’s locked gate as usual. Surveillance footage showed a U-Haul pull up alongside the barrier. Two unidentified suspects hopped out and went to work.

After breaking the gate’s locks off, they made their way to the nearby grease trap and began draining their precious booty. Their score yielded between 200 and 300 gallons, according to what the manager told police.

Lieutenant Jody Thompson, one of the officers attached to the investigation, told a local outlet that it’s not at all uncommon for used fry oil to be stolen. It ultimately ends up being “used as fuel,” the officer said. Both suspects’ identities remain unknown.

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