Texas National Guard Takes Border Matters into Their Own Hands


(TargetDailyNews.com) – The Texas National Guard has taken over a park at the U.S. southern border and is actively denying access to federal Border Patrol officials, alleging that they’ve been facilitating human trafficking across the border. Border Patrol has withdrawn in an attempt to maintain civility between federal and state law enforcement organizations.

Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, has been the site of ongoing crossings of thousands of illegals coming into the country. State authorities have set up razor wire fencing which federal officials have cut or otherwise removed to allow illegal immigrants entry into the country. The subject is now likely to end up before the SCOTUS.

Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas said the decision was made by the governor’s office as a part of his emergency declaration. Salinas said he hadn’t made any requests and that Border Patrol had been relieved of duties in the area as a consequence.

The Texas Military Department issued a statement saying that it has been in the park since 2021 and they’re preparing for additional surges of illegal crossings in the future. They said the new plan was to “restrict access” to any organization that was facilitating human trafficking through the park.

Border Patrol officials speaking with Fox News confirmed that federal agents were being denied access to the area by Texas soldiers.

National Border Patrol Councilmember Brandon Judd said that Gov. Abbott was “enhancing” operations of Border Patrol. He said the seizure of the park would allow their men to better deal with “trouble spots” where there are high numbers of “got-aways.”

Senior CBP officials speaking with the media confirmed they pulled their men out of the area to save resources and avoid confrontations. One official suggested that there would be “no impact” on the flow of illegals coming into the country and suggested the change is merely “adding extra steps.”

The move marks a dramatic escalation in the conflict between state and federal officials on how to handle the border. Conservatives have criticized the Biden administration for effectively leaving the southern border open for all who wish to cross as millions have already entered the country. Biden and the Democrats tend to deny there’s a problem at all, consistently blaming the GOP for failing to reform immigration law. The Republicans blame Biden for failing to enforce the laws currently on the books.

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