Tesla Autopilot Slams Into Parked Truck

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A Tesla vehicle crashed into a traffic control vehicle after driving completely on its autopilot function on a Pennsylvania highway on Friday, June 23, authorities said.

The Tesla was driving in the same lane when it crashed into the back of a semi-truck that was parked. The semi-truck was parked to provide traffic control due to a right lane closure, Pennsylvania authorities said on Monday, June 26.

Due to the crash, the 18-year-old driver operating the Tesla has been charged with careless driving. No injuries were reported.

Tesla, which does not have a department to handle public relations, was contacted by Reuters for a comment on the situation, but did not respond.

The news comes as The Washington Post recently reported on data from the National Highway Traffic Administration on June 10 that Tesla vehicles driving on autopilot were linked to 736 crashes and 17 deaths since 2019. 11 of those deaths had occurred since May 2022.

The rise in accidents caused by Tesla’s autopilot feature has raised serious doubts about the capabilities of the technology, and whether the company is misleading its customers to think that they do not have to be alert when using their Tesla’s autopilot feature.

Transportation Secretary and former 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said in a May 11 interview with the Associated Press that he believes Tesla’s autopilot feature is misleading consumers due to the fine print actually saying that drivers need to keep their hands on the wheel and look at the road when driving, even with the autopilot feature.

Tesla officially describes its autopilot feature as an “SAE level 2 driving automation system,” which is to merely “assist” the driver, as opposed to the car driving itself with no errors, as pointed out by the National Highway Traffic Administration. Many Tesla drivers do not seem to understand how the autopilot feature actually works, which can cause accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Administration also conducted an investigation into a February 2023 incident in Walnut Creek, California, where a Tesla Model S crashed into a fire engine, killing the Tesla’s driver.

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