Teen Passengers Crushed Beneath Car by a Woman Performing Donuts

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A 19-year-old woman was arrested and charged with vehicular assault after joyriding in a parking lot resulted in a tragic accident on December 16th.

Marisol Wentling was driving an SUV with her friends hanging out the windows while she did donuts in a Colorado Springs parking lot. The reckless maneuver resulted in the SUV flipping over and causing potentially life-threatening injuries to the passengers. Westling was released on bond and did not sustain serious injury.

Colorado Springs Police Department representatives said all five of the passengers were juveniles. As of December 19th, two were treated and released from the hospital while three remained in critical, but stable, condition.

A video of the accident went viral online. The dark-colored SUV can be seen driving in reverse with passengers seemingly sitting on the windowsills of the vehicle, their upper bodies outside the car. Shortly after accelerating in reverse, the car flipped onto the passenger side before rolling onto the roof and landing on the driver’s side. Observers then moved in to assist.

A local employee who works in the strip mall of the parking lot where the accident occurred told reporters with KRDO that drag racing and donuts are a regular occurrence in the lot. He said that he’s seen “more and more frequent” reckless driving in the lot over the last five years with incidents now occurring regularly “every third or fourth night.”

KRDO reported that they heard from multiple residents in the area who confirmed dangerous driving happens frequently at that location. Police said their investigations are ongoing and encouraged anyone with information to call (719) 444-7000.

Colorado has had a disturbing number of injuries related to bad behavior behind the wheel in recent years. An incident from November highlighted a disturbing trend in road rage incidents and poor driver behavior in Colorado.

Forbes surveyed Colorado drivers in August and found over half had been obstructed while attempting to change lanes or threatened by their fellow drivers.

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