TDN Shocking ‘Equality’ Bill Allows Mothers to Sell Unborn Babies

( – A new bill from Massachusetts will enshrine the rights of women to sell their babies off to the highest bidder under a radical expansion of surrogacy rights and a complete rework of parent law within the state. The ostensible justification for the so-called Parentage Equality Bill (H.4672) is to make things “more equitable” for folks who acquire their kids through surrogacy.

“Mother” and “father” are completely erased from the dictionary and replaced with terms like “genetic source” or “birthing parent.” All pronouns in the bill have been replaced with gender-ambiguous language commonly reserved for multiple individuals: they/them/theirs.

Parenthood is completely redefined in state law to be synonymous with “a person’s intent” to be the parent of a particular child instead of that child’s foster parent, guardian, or adoptive parent. Mother and father will no longer be the universal standard of recognizing biological status if the bill is signed into law. Considering the bill had universal support within the Massachusetts House of Representatives (156-0), that seems likely.

The bill would also legalize women auctioning off their child to the highest bidder after becoming pregnant. A valid surrogacy contract would be legally recognized and binding if a woman decided she wanted to sell her baby after getting pregnant as long as the contract was executed and finalized before she gave birth. The same situation under the auspices of adoption would garner criminal charges for child trafficking, however.

Critical commentators have noted that the vast majority of couples purchasing children through surrogacy are wealthy gay male couples.

The announcement of the bill’s passage heralded cheers of glee from the infamous Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Their recent report noted the expansion of the “rights” of gay parents while completely ignoring the rights and welfare of the child in question.

Massachusetts representatives similarly described the bill as advancing parental rights while ignoring the right of the child to be raised by its biological mother and father. Critics also noted that a woman could become pregnant using a sperm bank and sell off her baby to the highest bidder under the new law. She could even repeat the process as much as she wants for consistent and significant income if she were willing to endure the physical toll of pregnancy repeatedly.

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