Syria Claims Israeli Attack Has Made Aleppo Airport Unusable

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( – According to the Syrian Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Air Force has rendered the Aleppo International Airport unusable after striking runways and facilities at the location on August 28th. A source within the Syrian military referred to the Israeli action as an act of “aggression” and said that the main runway is now “out of service.”

The Arab nation’s state-run news agency said the attack took place at approximately 4:30 a.m. Israeli jets reportedly fired missiles while over the Mediterranean rather than dropping bombs from a closer range.

While the Syrian agency appeared to frame the events as being an attack on civilian infrastructure, two regional intelligence operations reportedly confirmed that the Israelis had been targeting an Iranian underground ammunition depot. Israeli strikes on suspected Iranian elements in Syria are not at all uncommon.

Iranian involvement in the nation is well-known and the Persians have openly acknowledged placing military advisors on the ground in the country for decades. The IRGC brazenly operates in the country and is suspected of using the nation as a base through which to funnel arms to Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.

Syria’s civil war opened the door for even more Iranian involvement in the country. In addition to the presence of Iranian national troops, large swaths of Syria are now said to be controlled by Arab militias that are allied to the regime in Tehran.

Although often referred to as only a militia, Hezbollah boasts large numbers of troops. Many of those are said to be on bases inside Syria. Smaller estimates place their numbers at 25,000, though the organization itself claims to have a force of 100,000.

While the majority of regional Muslims are Sunni, both Hezbollah and the majority of Muslims in Iran identify as Shia. Iranian mullahs have funded Hezbollah military operations in Southern Lebanon for decades, and the group routinely engages with the Israeli military in rocket attacks and cross-border incursions.

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