Suspended Attorney Found Dead in Jail Cell by Apparent Suicide

( – A Florida man who had his attorney’s license suspended, and who stood accused of fatally shooting his dad and stealing $450,000 from a trust fund belonging to his mother, was found dead of an apparent suicide in jail Wednesday morning, November 15th.

Brandon Labiner, 34, of Broward County was arrested and held without bond in July after being accused of the murder of his father, Paul Labiner. Police officials told media representatives that they found him dead from an apparent hanging in his jail cell in Palm Beach County.

In October, prosecutors charged Labiner with first-degree murder and evidence-tampering charges. He had a status check scheduled in West Palm Beach court on November 28th.

The body of his father was discovered in a pool of blood from a gunshot wound in a parking garage connected to his law firm’s office in July. Surveillance cameras caught the younger Labiner on camera, showing he was in the area and armed with a gun. Their interaction was also caught on camera before they moved out of the frame. Paul Labiner was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds.

Brandon Labiner had his attorney’s license suspended back in April after his father filed a complaint accusing him of stealing $450,000 from a trust fund belonging to his mother.

Both father and son had worked together at the father’s law firm until June 2022. Trouble began to become obvious when the father filed a civil suit against his son, citing poor work performance causing the firm to lose money. He also alleged that his son stole money from the firm at that time.

Paul Labiner’s firm specialized in generational wealth and trust advice. He reported that they had a “fairly good” relationship until February 2022 when he reported his son began displaying “bizarre behavior” that strained their relationship and financially taxed the family. Paul Labiner had also reported an assault by his son in May 2022.

Brandon Labiner barricaded himself inside an office building and was ultimately taken into custody without incident via the assistance of his lawyer and had been held without bond since.

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