Suspected Killers of NY Police Officer Identified

( – The NYPD lost one of its members on Monday, March 25 after a routine traffic stop turned deadly. Officer Jonathan Diller, 31, was shot and killed in Queens after approaching a vehicle parked at a bus stop and asking the men inside to exit the vehicle.

That’s when the incident turned violent with the passenger pulling a gun and pointing it at the officers. Diller was shot just beneath his bullet-resistant vest. Diller’s partner shot the shooter in the back. The shooter has been identified as Guy Rivera, 34, and Fox News reported that he has at least 4 prior arrests.

The driver of the vehicle in question has also been identified as 41-year-old Lindy Jones who also has an extensive rap sheet: 12 prior arrests. His most recent bust was for possession of a loaded gun in April 2023.

Mayor Eric Adams highlighted how Jones was only in jail for a few months before being released. He called the situation a “recidivist problem.” Recidivism is the nature of a criminal to offend over and over again, despite being arrested, convicted, and punished. It’s more common in psychopathic offenders or other individuals who have a cluster-B personality disorder.

Diller was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where he died. An NYPD source confirmed to Fox News that Rivera was shot by police and is expected to survive. Diller is survived by his wife and one-year-old child.

On Thursday, March 28th, the notoriously liberal Manhattan DA’s office under the leadership of Alvin Bragg charged Rivera with the murder of Officer Diller. This ruling was handed down only hours before Diller was to be mourned at his wake, which was attended by former President Donald Trump.

NY City Council Members have been warned not to attend Diller’s funeral on Saturday, March 30th. The New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association chastised the city’s leadership for having a “twisted ideology” that contributed to his death. They also said that politicians love “a good photo opportunity” where they can be seen shedding “a few crocodile tears.”

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