Suspect in Custody for Death of Chicago Police Officer

( – Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx put out a statement on May 2nd indicating that they’ve issued a warrant and first-degree murder charges for Xavier Tate Jr. for the murder of Officer Luis Huesca last month. Tate Jr., 22, will also be charged with gun crimes and carjacking.

Foxx said that they were continuing to “gather and analyze evidence” in the case and called the charges a crucial first step to achieving justice. She also extended her office’s “deepest sympathies” to Huesca’s family and promised them that she would continue to seek justice for his murder.

Huesca was on the job for six years when he was gunned down near the 3100 block of West 56th Street in Chicago. He was coming home from work, wearing his police uniform in the early morning hours of April 21st when he was shot several times and killed. His vehicle was stolen and later found; his badge and gun were missing.

Huesca was days shy of his 31st birthday when he was killed. His mother and uncle will receive survivor’s benefits due to Huesca’s death occurring in the line of duty.

Police said last week they arrested Caschaus Tate, 20, a relative of the suspect who was allegedly in possession of Huesca’s missing gun. He faces gun charges.

Caschaus was alleged to have thrown Huesca’s gun over a fence in an attempt to obscure officers searching the home. Police were there to arrest Xavier at the time.

Xavier Tate Jr. was arrested on May 1st in Glendale Heights. Police officials said that they used Huesca’s handcuffs during the arrest as a symbolic gesture. It’s unclear if a previously offered $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case led to the bust.

Court records indicate that the suspect has a checkered past with multiple arrests. Most recently, he was busted in February on obstruction charges and was arrested in 2023 for the same crime; both cases are still ongoing. Tate Jr. was also cited 10 times for traffic crimes over the past decade.

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